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What Would You Do If You Woke Up Like This? You Would Still Be American


It is heartbreaking that America is somehow perceived as a haughty, individualistic country with citizens who are solely self-driven for personal gain.

While drinking my morning cup of joe, catching up on world news, I came across this story and absolutely had to share.

Despite the reputation America has somehow obtained, it is definitely an inaccurate look at our country. In the face of raw terrorism, we find a victim who is a double amputee offering a birthday gift to an 18 year old girl, who also fell prey to the vicious Boston Marathon attack.

This story says more than, “This American is a thoughtful person.” This one story is just a quick glimpse at the depth of our love for one common thing: Our Country. So, in turn, we also share a love for one another.

Sure, Americans love money, a good life, a nice car and so forth. But Americans also love America and its people and its freedom.

In the face of tragedy and death, America stands up and says that it’s spirit refuses to be broken. We grow stronger and love harder when others try to break us down.

Click here to read the full story of America’s heart.

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Do You Consider Yourself Successful? How Do You Define Your Success?

failure-and-successI have been battling an internal struggle for quite a few years now. Being scared to take entrepreneurial risks, yet wanting instant return on investment  in my entrepreneurial life. Then I began asking myself, “How are you measuring your success?”

For so long, my fear of failure was so prevalent in my work life that I would not take educated risks on things such as marketing and networking.  I began to closely watch the actions of other successful business people. Not just REALTORS, but small and large business owners as well.

I realized two things: First, I am successful. Second, I was measuring success with the wrong ruler.

Have you ever tried measuring a twelve foot wall with a one foot plastic ruler? Certainly you have not. Because you know the plastic one foot ruler is not the appropriate tool to measure the wall.

Success is truly what you make of it and how you view it. Personally, I believe success is measured by failure.

If your business does not experience some sort of failure, you will never know the level of success you have gained or how you even got there.

Sure, it is important to minimize the risk of unnecessary failure, but when failure is the inevitable outcome, consider it a positive thing. Consider it a chance to gain experience and walk away knowing the “what not to do’s”.

The simple fact is that success and failure are not opposites as we are taught in grade school. On the contrary, failure should be considered part of success. As a tool used to measure success.



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Can The Color Of The Paint Behind Your Toilet Determine Your Entrepreneurial Potential?

ImageI am sure you are asking, “What does paint color and my toilet have to do with my entrepreneurial status? I know, it sounds a little crazy, right? Actually, if you really think about it, it says a lot. I am going to explain why, but first, go check the color behind your toilet (if you don’t already know).


Ok, so the last time you painted the bathroom: you either left a small square behind the toilet unpainted because it was difficult to reach or you painted it completely with the new color.

If you painted behind the toilet completely it was probably hard, right? It was tedious, annoying and maybe even unnerving. But what was even more unnerving was leaving it unpainted.  That’s why you did it, right?

If you fit into this category, you are probably a good candidate for entrepreneurial success.

I say this because being a successful entrepreneur is all about perseverance. Sure, when the easy days come, you celebrate the life you have created for yourself as an entrepreneur. But when the difficult days come, the never-ending stressful life altering days come, you can prove to be an entrepreneur not just a wantrepreneur. A lot of people want the life of an entrepreneur but do not have what it takes to stick it out.

They give in when the going gets tough and forget that their mental state is 90% of the battle. So you truly ask yourself. Do I have a passion that keeps me going no matter what? Is there a cause I care about so much that I can work through anything?

If you believe you have what it takes and you feel ambitious enough to become an entrepreneur, you could live the most liberating and rewarding life ever. So take a moment to write your passion down. Put in writing why you want to succeed at your entrepreneurial venture. Write down the risks and rewards. Write down your end goal. Write down how you will leave your footprint in this world.

Then, when the going gets tough, you have a constant reminder that your current state  is trivial. It helps. Believe me!! Remember, the most rewarding thing about being an entrepreneur is that you get to choose to live life today, not 20 years from now when you retire.

I love what I do, I love people and I love being a part of such a life-changing decision. I would not change it for the world. At the end of the day, that is what it is about.

Love the life you live,


Kallai Casey

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