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The Power of Gray in Staging

By Melissa Dittmann Tracey, REALTOR(R) Magazine

Gray is a subtle color that can bring sophistication to interiors while also the neutrality thathome buyer crave.

“It’s the hot new neutral, a sleek and sophisticated color option that adds refinement to almost any room,” says Debbie Zimmer, a paint and color expert with the Paint Quality Institute. “Walls that are painted gray are great backdrops for almost any style of décor, and gray is such a dignified color that it can elevate the appearance of even the most modest furnishings.”

Zimmer says that gray can be a great color choice for embellishments throughout interiors, such as a gray wash on wood furniture or the fabric in seating.

In her 2014 color forecast, she expects grey to be used more in homes. “We will even see gray’s flashier cousin, silver, used as an important accent color,” says Zimmer.

Zimmer also predicts “white” to stage a comeback in 2014, with white and off-white back in vogue.

“As with gray, the ease of coordinating furnishings with a neutral hue like white is appealing to almost everyone,” she says. “Those who are downsizing will favor white or very light-colored walls to make their new, smaller interiors look more spacious; and for those who may soon put up a ‘For Sale’ sign, white is the wise paint color to apply before listing a home.”

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Shhh…Don’t Tell Your Guests What’s In Your Fridge

Let’s be honest. When most people see me, they think of a young, sassy, business savvy lady who probably does not get her hands too dirty doing home projects.

To be honest with you…that is ALL WRONG.

I am currently working on a guest bathroom and I have a few tips and tricks that are too good not to share!

Thanks to my father being a carpenter, I have quite a few skills that have been learned over many years of watching him and taking notes. One of the most valuable things I have learned is how to putty a large or small hole in sheet rock. Yep, that’s right. This girl right here can do it better than most men in town.

So, here is what I can tell you. Even if you have no desire to ever touch a putty knife, I know you can find the following useful!!

It has happened to me too many times: I am over ambitious and embark on a huge painting project, only to realize I have to stop at some point before the project is done.

We all know what a pain it is to wash out used paintbrushes/rollers that we will just turn around to use later that day or the next day.

So this is what you do: Place paintbrushes with paint on them in a size appropriate zip lock bag. Then, wrap large used rollers in a Walmart kinda plastic bag.

Get ready for this next step: Place the brushes and rollers in the fridge. Yeah, right beside your fresh produce or leftover meat-loaf.

Your tools will keep for a few days like this and you can get straight back to work with no hassle! Just grab the brushes out of the fridge and dip ’em in paint to start painting again!

Don’t believe me? Try it. It will be the easiest thing you ever did for yourself.

Just don’t tell your house guests you keep brushes in you fridge. Unless they are DIY kind of people, they may not understand.

When my mother told me to try it I thought it was a little crazy. Now, with my ongoing home projects, I almost always keep at least one brush or roller in my fridge.

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