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Digging Deeper – Going Further


It is a very special thing to witness willing hearts reaching far into our community to meet the needs of so many who are struggling. Perhaps, the most interesting part, is that these people are not solely focused on one specific kind of need. Instead, they revolve around one word. Love.

Caring for a Cause was born on a snowy weekend in November 2010. All that were present had no idea what seeds were being planted or the harvest that would come from those seeds. A few months before, Nikki Rogers, founder of CFAC, overheard a conversation among Ola Elementary teachers about a child  who was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer. Immediately, the conversation truck deep in Nikki’s heart as she was a mother of three precious boys. She just couldn’t imagine how the mother of this dangerously sick child felt. It was that very night that Nikki decided she had to help the family. Since she loved nothing more than to watch her boys play ball, she decided a ball tournament would be fitting.

Over the next few weeks, she spoke with multiple baseball teams and contacted the guy who ran the ball field. He said, “Yes, but you will have to wait until November and you can expect to raise around $2,000.00.”

She asked for the family’s blessing and, with tears shed, the Briscoe’s said, “Yes!”. Excitement filled Nikki, as she busied herself making preparations for the tournament.

Fast forward to that cold weekend in November. Sixty Five teams took the field to Play and Pray for Maddie Briscoe at the 1st Annual Team Maddie Baseball and Softball Tournament. The willingness of our tender-hearted community was overwhelming. People wanted to show support.

On Monday night, Nikki, along with many volunteers and participants, met in the cafeteria at Ola Elementary to present the funds to the Briscoe family.


Yes, you read that right. And in that moment, Nikki knew this was only the beginning to something huge!

Since then, Caring For A Cause has helped many families in Henry County. As the organization continues to grow, needs are surfacing and there are ways we can support this organization in helping our hurting neighbors.

I plan to do something BIG to help this amazing organization continue to serve those in need. Can I ask one thing of you? Would you search your heart to see if you would want to show love to our community too? I will follow this post with many, many ways you can help and the opportunities available to you!

Nikki follows one principle: love others.

Thanks for taking the time to read about CFAC. I can’t wait to dig deeper and reach further into our beautiful Henry County.

Kallai Casey

SouthSide Realtors

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