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Take a Peak Inside- It Might Just Change Your Life

This is a year of many changes for Ryan and I. We have decided to spend more time with and in our beloved community. As  Henry County natives, there are many aspects of the community we want to see thrive, but it only takes one quick glance at our neighbors to find there are many, many people in need.

Yes, the need is incredibly great. Financial, physical (medical), spiritual, emotional, and so much more. As we dug our roots in a little deeper and have prepared to get our hands dirty, we have fallen head over heels for a group that is changing lives. Caring For a Cause. I have been friends with the organization’s founder, Nikki Rogers, for many years. But, this year, is OUR year to dig in.

Why do we love this specific charity? Because it is LOVE. It is what the whole entire organization is founded on. LOVE.

The non-profit doesn’t have a specific “niche” per se. Although, they have raised enormous funds for children with cancer, they have also met needs of other families enduring permanent and temporary crises.

The one thing that makes me want to jump in head first is this: the organization’s goal is to spread the love of Christ to our precious neighbors meeting needs right here in Henry County.

So, does this have you thinking? Are you wondering what needs are out there? Are you thinking of ways you could volunteer or donate? Are you checking your pockets for money to change a dear neighbor’s life? Stay tuned, friends. BIG things are coming. HUGE opportunities for you to help. Time, love, prayer and money. That’s what Caring For a Cause needs. This is the first of a series of blogs you will find as I unveil the truth about Henry County’s people and their needs. Next up: Caring For a Cause’s founding story…but, in the meantime, I will leave you with their mission statement:

“It is our mission to bring the local community together to help our neighbors that are in need. Our events are geared to draw the most support possible according to the family and its particular need. During a season of hardship and uncertainty we strive to make our fundraisers an enjoyable time for everyone while making a difference to the families that we are helping.”


Kallai Casey

Find out more about Caring For a Cause Here



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