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Our Adventure To Pasta Max


Many of you requested it, and man, I am glad you did!

We decided to dine with some clients who are also very good friends. The night was absolutely perfect! Amazing food and fabulous company!

There’s just something about supporting local businesses that is dear to my heart, but the cuisine at Pasta Max is WAY more than local. We felt as if we had taken a quick trip to Northern Italy.

We started the evening with two hungry little ones. Rolls, in abundance, were promptly brought to our table. Smiles greeted us and we were comfy right away. After discussing the menu with our knowledgeable server, we made dish selections!

First up, crab cakes! As a bit of a seafood fanatic, I am always skeptical of local restaurants who prepare seafood. But whoa! I’m still dreaming of the delectable appetizer. Two, plump crab cakes were served per couple and every single bite was savored. The littles even indulged in them too!

After getting my taste buds all excited over the yummy seafood, I decided to order the shrimp and scallop special. Although my sweet friend and Pasta Max regular, ordered the same dish with Pappardelle sauce, I chose to stick with the lobster base. Because, I just LOVE lobster.

The hubs ordered Penne Rigate and it did not disappoint. It was hearty and scrumptious, just what a man with BIG tastebuds loves!

Each dish was creative in it’s own manner, yet traditionally Italian.

Overall, our experience was superb. Pasta Max gets our vote for the best local Italian restaurant!


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I love this town and the people in it!

Kallai Casey

SouthSide Realtors


For more info on Pasta Max check them out here!



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