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The Home Interior Color Trends You Need To Know In 2017

I am always curious to see changes in color trends each year but this year has really peaked my interest. Behr paint has divided it’s pallet into 3 moods. Confident, Comfortable and Composed.

This one pic particularly snagged my attention because it contains elements perfect for home staging. Classified as Comfortable, I am crazy over the “Gold Hearted” table.

staging-blog-picCourtesy of Behr

I wouldn’t argue that keeping the walls a nice, airy neutral is a good idea. Trim colors are still trending in split directions. Bright white paired with gray tones and bone white with brown tones. But my favorite thing about this is the yellow table. Just look at it! It brings fantastic energy to the room without taking away from it’s sophistication. A pop of color can be life changing for any room, as long as the hue is chosen carefully.

Go ahead, friend. Buy the colorful piece you have been eyeing or paint that old table you keep walking by. Do it! Have fun! And then find me on Facebook to share your pics!

Always stay in style,

Kallai Casey

SouthSide Realtors




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