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What In The HECK Is REALLY Going On With The Market?

                                                                                      With so many news channels reporting so many different stories on the “New” real estate market, I am sure you find yourself asking, “What does this even mean for me?download

Here’s a quick set of stats for you to look at before I continue:

  • New construction homes are at a 50 year low
  • Existing home inventory is at a 13 year low

What does this mean?

Inventory is LOW…let me repeat that….Inventory is LOW!

If you have been itching to put your current home on the market just to give it a whirl, there is no better time than now! New real estate listings are like fresh meat to the starving and eager buyers who are discouraged with such few homes on the active market.  

It is highly likely that, while pricing your property at optimal selling price, your home may be shown almost daily. Ultimately, leading to a sell sooner than later!

Let’s be honest, you would LOVE that, right? Of course. The sooner your current home sells, the sooner you get to take advantage of super low interest rates while, likely, making a better investment in your next home purchase. 

Spring is almost here! Get started on those DIY projects to spruce up your hacienda, then contact ME to get it SOLD!

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